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Some Clips from
a Family's Celebrations
and a Memorial Service

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A poet is honored

Celebrating an engineer-poet with a reading and music.
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  • A special birthday

    Party to mark the special milestone for a sister.
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  • A poet is remembered

    A community commemorates a poet.
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  • Examples of personal videos. Viewing quality has been lowered from DVD to speed up download time. These selections show how we can preserve personal events that occur in planned and, often, unplanned and unexpected circumstances.

    Reaction: After viewing the DVD of the commemoration for the engineer and poet, Elias, a brother-in-law who lives far away and was unable to attend the service wrote to his sister, Elias' wife: That was the most moving event of that kind that I have ever seen. What a remarkable tribute to Elias you presented! Everyone's remarks were extraordinarily well chosen. It was only by viewing the DVD that I could ever have appreciated the sensitivity and emotion of the service. I am so glad that you chose to have it recorded, and by a professional. Thank you, thank you for sharing this moment with us all in this way.

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