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The Mission of Freemanbusiness...
To small business and office workers, Freemanbusiness offers Information Technology support. We make complicated technology simple.

To people and organizations, Freemanbusiness, together with Joseph Woodard Multimedia, offers services and products to record events and information in print and on-line publication, photographic prints, audio CDs, and video DVDs.

IT Support...
We help you design solutions to your information technology needs: We can analyze your Information Technology needs, then research and recommend affordable equipment, software, information organization and practical data handling procedures. We can implement solutions. We can guide a person like you, the person who makes an enterprise work, through the process of using new and existing technology. Because we specialize in small business and non-profit organizations, we understand cost is an on-going problem. We tailor our services in order to be a partner you can afford.

We support the solutions we help you implement, affordably: We provide technology support by telephone and through on-line remote access. We offer you training documents and videos. We train and support you through remote means as a way to keep our costs to you affordable. Of course, we will make on-site visits whenever you require us to be on premise.

We teach you how your equipment and software function: We specialize in training you how to perform many necessary technical procedures yourself so you won't create problems. We instruct you how to fix everyday problems quickly without hiring a computer consultant. We show you how to communicate issues and requirements to consultants or repairmen if you ever need them.

The Mission of Joseph Woodard Multimedia...
We can help you create items for personal, news-worthy, instructional, and technical communication. As our slogan says, we help you, "See, hear, read, remember, enjoy, know, understand."

We combine digital communications with the computer software and hardware skills of Freemanbusiness to create images, audio recordings, video, and structured technical documentation for print and on-line publication. We meld art and science to create portraits, cover events, report news, and document technology in print, web, CD, and DVD formats. Whether you want to capture a family portrait, wedding, anniversary party, or record a lecture, convey an event, or document software creation and operation, we can do that for you.

We can provide these services and products because we have long experience creating computer software, designing and building networks, and designing and fashioning artistic and technical communications.

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JWM services

Who we are...
Freemanbusiness is a female-owned, family business with long and deep experience in software development, telecommunications, computer hardware. We have extensive experience in customer support and developing instructional and marketing materials. We've expanded our technical and artist abilities to create recording and communication of personal and technical information by adding Joseph Woodard Multimedia to our team.

Dorothy Freeman...
has decades of experience in the Information Technology field. She is our customer advocate who works with our clients to solve problems. She brings the necessary expertise to resolve client issues. Her experience in the telecommunications industry led her into the computer revolution. She plunged in and developed the experience to meld both worlds together as required to help small business struggling with technology.
Ernest Freeman...
has the full spectrum of software programming knowledge required to integrate software components or generate custom solutions for the specific needs of a small business client.
Joseph Woodard...
combines a broad background of experience spanning 40 years in technology, graphic and video arts, and writing to create productions that record personal delights, newsworthy events, and technical information. Earning degrees in science, photography, and writing, plus a permanent California teaching credential, he can design and create communication products using digital technology to serve personal and technical needs from family portraits, to lectures, interviews and street journalism, plus documentation required for software development and use.

Our customers...
You can find links to websites featuring our support efforts and multimedia products on the home pages of Freemanbusiness and Joseph Woodard Multimedia.


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