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"Barney Cohen"

Barney Cohen

As part of a labor history project, I helped record an interview of Barney Cohen, now ninety years old, who was in a 1937 Memorial Day labor demonstration by steel workers in Chicago when company guards and the City Police began shooting. Ten workers were shot dead and many wounded. Seven of those killed were shot in the back. The tragedy became known as the Memorial Day Massacre.

Frank Fried interviewed Barney. Frank, a younger man, is eighty years old, and was also a steel worker. I loaded recording gear in the car, picked up Frank, and we traveled to Barney's home, a pleasant apartment where he and his wife, Nida, warmly welcomed us. Click here to listen to an MP3 extract from the interview.

The broadcast quality CD will be used by researchers collecting data on the Memorial Day Massacre and history of the U.S. labor movement.


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