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Alameda Candlelight Vigil, 1 January 2007, in memory of those who have perished during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

On the first evening of 2007, Alamedans joined with thousands of others across the United States to remember the 3000 U.S. Military and more than 650,000 Iraqis who have died, even as the war continues and its toll mounts.

Members of the Alameda Peace Network and the Network of Spiritual Progressives gathered, planted crosses and held a respectful candlelight vigil in Alameda's City Hall Plaza at 6 PM.

flag at half mast and crosses Crosses and candles

As everyone held candles, they read the names of the fallen, both U.S. and Iraqi, in honor of humanity and its loss in this cruel conflict.

Candlelight vigil Reading the names of the fallen

Channel 7 filmed while taps was played. Then a statement about the value of human life, all life that has been wasted in this conflict, was read from the Iraqi blog, Riverbend.

Taps Statement from Riverbend

Carl Halpern, a member of APN, read a statement thanking everyone for joining the vigil. He hoped that reason and love would triumph, ending the vicious, wasteful slaughter in Iraq and that no other vigil would be necessary.

Carl Halpern thanks everyone Vigil listens to Carl

The vigil concluded by singing the hymn, "Peace on Earth."

Let there be peace on earth

Alameda Peace Network
Alameda, California
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