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Alamedans Protest the Surge in Iraq, January 11, 2007, marching along Park Street.

On the coldest January 11 in a decade, a diverse group of more than 150 Alamedans of all ages protested President Bush's escalation of the Iraq war. They gathered at City Hall, then marched in high spirits down the Park Street business district, chanting "No" and waving signs. Cars and buses greeted them by blaring horns and waving. Patrons along the street flashed thumbs up and peace signs.

Alameda Peace Network and the local MoveOn organizations organized the demonstration, as part of a national outcry, involving more than 1000 events in all 50 States. Nationally, TrueMajority.org, MoveOn.org, and AmericaSaysNo.org, plus a broad coalition of antiwar groups pulled together the protests 24 hours after Bush announced he was stepping up the attack on Iraq by sending 20,000 more troops to Baghdad.

People gather at City Hall

While some of the protesting citizens gathered along the curb in front of City Hall waving protest signs for passers-by to see, Carl Halpern called the crowd together and explained the plan to march peacefully along Park Street and let everyone know the word of the day was NO.

Signs saying NO The call to march

As some picked up protest signs and put their names on contact lists, the crowd moved from City Hall toward the Park Street District.

The march forms

Carl leads off, playing his trumpet. Cars and buses answered by by blowing their horns and waving. The crowd cheered at every greeting, chanted, and sang.

The word of the day is NO
The word of the day is NO
Carl Halpern leads off
Crowd carries signs

The response from everyone was positive, Stop the War, Troops Home Now. Our whole community was represented.

Our whole community was represented Young and old turned out to protest

Alameda Peace Network
Alameda, California
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