"Palestine and Israel:
What Must Be Done to End the Conflict?"

a talk by Allan Solomonow
of the American Friends Service Committee

Allan Solomonow at the APAF "I do not believe there will be peace in the Holy Land until both of its people enjoy a State of their own, a viable State living in peace, justice, security, and hope. Nor will there be peace in Iraq until the United States learns that there are no good occupations and no involuntary democracy. And we will not know security around our globe until the United States and everyone else understands that the pursuit of justice and peace cannot be expedited at the barrel of a gun or a pile of nuclear weapons."
-- Allan Solomonow

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Julie Rufo introduced the speaker. She also reminded the audience of the purpose of the Alameda Public Affairs Forum. Click here to download a small MP3 file (1.2 Mb), a recording of her brief opening announcement. She introduced the founder of the APAF, Dr. Arthur Lipow.

Julie Rufo, the moderator of the Forum

Arthur welcome everyone to the Forum. Arthur reminded everyone how much he hoped the Forum could serve as an experiment in promoting democracy by bringing to the forefront discussion of timely and important matters.

Arthur gave a brief personal history of himself and Allan. They've been friends for a long time and both have been passionate advocates for peace. Arthur described how much Allan has sacrificed of himself when opposing the draft during Vietnam. He spent a year in Federal prison refusing to fight in a war he and many others believed to be so wrong.

For the last 25 years, Allan has been the head of the AFSC Project on the Middle East. During those years, Allan made 25 trips to Israel and Palestine and returns from a recent trip with a fresh report on the situation.

Dr. Arthur Lipow, the founder of the APAF
Click here to download a short (5.7 Mb) MP3 file, a recording of Arthur's preface to the APAF and introduction of Allan.
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