Labor's Growing Anger Fuels Its Antiwar Plan
19 March 2005

"This is not the end. This is the beginning!" - Labor's message The war is an attack on workers

Click here to download a recording of the Freedom Songs Network singing, "The union makes us strong." (1.6 Mb, MP3)

The San Francisco rally against the war on its second anniversary highlighted a growing unity of organization and purpose among labor unions, student mobilizers, retired workers, and many other citizens.

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Click on links below to hear extracts from some of the significant speeches explaining why the war is wrong, and that it must be stopped. It can be stopped. If soldiers don't go to war, if workers don't make and ship war materials, if government doesn't strip money from the public to buy mercenaries and monopolize power, war can't happen.

Tim Paulson, Director, San Francisco Labor Council. Labor's Resolution to End the War Now
War is an attack on workers
Tom Ammiano, SF Supervisor
Maria Gion, SEIU
Ron of IFPTE 21, City Workers Union
Mike Lyon of the Gray Panthers
Brandy Chalker, of Students Against War at San Francisco State University

More recordings will be added this week...

Speakers made clear their unified theme: The people must become the alternative society that lives, not by feeding on the dead, but by building a place for everyone.

Click here to listen to the lead speech at Civic Center.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.


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