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As of December 31, 2018 I have retired Joseph Woodard Multimedia, terminating it as a commercial enterprise and will no longer sell multimedia services. -- Joseph Woodard

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Songs from Portugal Joyce Whitelaw records songs from Portugal
Performed by Joyce Whitelaw
  • Digital photography for print and web
  • Video creations for DVD
  • Photographic print restoration
  • Website design, creation, and maintenance
  • Audio recording of interviews, lectures, and spoken events
  • Video/computer presentations (projector and screen)
  • HLD and standard definition video design and creation for DVD and web viewing
  • Photojournalism covering San Francisco Bay Area events

  • Photographic prints
  • Audio CD recordings
  • DVD videos
  • Technical documentation in print and on-line

    You can order our photographic prints, audio CDs, video DVDs, and multimedia publications, or ask us to create them for you.
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Examples | Contact Us | About Us | freemanbusiness | Products and Prices

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